TOP-1 oil products

Synthetic Motor Oil
Syngen 2000 Technology

All TOP 1 products are formulated with Syngen 2000, our proprietary base oil technology. Syngen 2000 is designed to anticipate the future critical requirements that current conventional oils cannot meet.

Syngen 2000 has five features that set it apart from base oils available in other products:

Extra High Purity
Syngen 2000 does not contain performance-diminishing aromatics, sulfur, or nitrogen compounds.

Extra Oxidation and Thermal Stability
Syngen 2000's oxidation resistance is more than three times that of conventional mineral base oils.

Extra Low Volatility
With Syngen 2000, engine oils are less prone to evaporation, industrial oils and power transmission fluids have less fluid loss, and lubricants show less thickening.

Extra High Viscosity Index (VI)
Syngen 2000's VI is in the range of 140, while conventional mineral oils are around 95. The result is a lubricant that stays consistent, thickening less at cold temperatures andthinning less at high temperatures.

Extra High Shear Stability
Syngen 2000 does not require the addition of polymers such as VI improvers, which have a tendancy to shear down during operation.